Superior Laser Diodes

650 – 2400nm


Choose Any Wavelength

Eblana Photonics – Laser diodes built on world class technology & expertise for over two decades.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, our wide product range of single frequency DFB laser diodes, Fabry–Pérot (FP) laser diodes, superluminescent diodes (SLDs) and other optical sources are specifically designed for optimum performance in Optical Sensing, LIDAR and Telecoms applications.


Laser Diodes. Redefined.

Our Discrete Mode (DM) laser platform is at the core of our products. It allows to us to drive the introduction of lasers to new industries and markets. Our proprietary manufacturing technology allows us to produce custom designs at any wavelength in the NIR – MIR, with enhanced scalability and reproducibility, and superior performance.



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